Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mid-Week Musings II

Outside my window: A fine, misty rain, slowly petering out from this morning's downpour.

What I'm thinking about:  How much I'm enjoying watching Monarch of the Glen.

On my nightstand: The Lies That Bind (Carlisle), The Graveyard Book (Gaiman)

Music of my day:  The infernal chatter of our new Thomas the Train.

Around the house:  Laundry, mending jeans, clearing ash from the fireplace (glamorous life, I know.)

I'm wishing: I could decide how to cook the boneless leg of lamb waiting in my refrigerator.  Greek, with lemon and garlic?  English, with mint sauce?  Moroccan, with tangerines and warm spices?

I'm grateful for: The single serving of spinach lasagna I found in my freezer which saved me from (yet another) bowl of cereal for lunch.

1 comment:

Brandon said...

I think I'm leaning towards English with mint sauce.